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U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., offers a unique opportunity to introduce your company to the Executives of the largest pure Tech organization in the Southwest United States, which is dedicated to the promotion of the high tech industry in Dallas, TX.

The Telecom Corridor® area is home to many technology clusters. Software, networks and IT are some of the larger clusters. Software makes up approximately 13% of the technology sector in Richardson, while networks and IT make up an additional 15% of the sector.


The software industry within the Telecom Corridor® area includes software applications, imbedded software and software integration. Several of the leading software-related companies are: Intelligraphics, Inc., ProtoLink, Metalect, GlobeRanger, Alibre and iStation.

Networks and IT

Networks and IT incorporates numerous companies that provide computer networking, systems integration and network design services. Key players include: Hewlett Packard High-Performance Computing Division, Avoyence, DFW Technology, and Stratton Voice and Data.

Academic Support and Research

The University of Texas at Dallas was initially founded as a graduate school supporting the engineering, computer science and natural science needs of the local business community. Today, the school of Engineering and Computer Science has the fastest-growing engineering program in the U.S. To keep up with demand, UTD opened a new Engineering/Computer Science Academic Center in 2003, and in early 2007, will open an $85 million Natural Science and Engineering Research facility.

Research programs in electrical engineering:

  • Digital and analog systems
  • Signal processing
  • Materials science / nanotechnology
  • Microelectronics / optics
  • Wireless communications

Computer science research programs:

  • Intelligent systems
  • Computer systems
  • Networks / network security
  • Computing
  • Software engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Telecommunications engineering

The Richardson Economic Development Partnership will be the driving force in developing, nurturing and enhancing a dynamic, flexible and diversified economy which provides an ample and sustainable tax base for the City and abundant economic opportunities and a high quality of life for the citizens of Richardson.

The Richardson Economic Development Partnership, through the actions and resources of its public and private partners, shall work efficiently and adroitly to create, facilitate and finalize projects and programs which result in enhanced tax revenues, job opportunities, greater positive notoriety for Richardson, and enhanced quality of life for its citizens.


The REDP is a joint effort of the City of Richardson and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and is dedicated to building a vibrant and thriving local economy by attracting new investment and jobs through marketing, recruitment and working with existing employers.

The REDP offers numerous services to companies considering expansion or relocation. Services are provided without a fee and are confidential between the client and the REDP.

Our services include broker and real estate referrals, cost of business analysis, incentives, partner and executive introductions, relocation assistance, site selection, tours and city information.

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