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U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., is focused on the promotion of service offerings of its global partners engaged in offshore software development and IT outsourcing business, as well as in other technologically focused industries. Direct sales are carried out by our team, which not only contacts the U.S. clientele, but also forms a database of prospective customers.

U.S. Information Technologies Corporation creates a reliable sales infrastructure for global partners, raising the efficiency of sales in the North American market. We simplify the process by accelerating lead generation, assisting you with RFQ/RFI/RFP preparation and optimization. We develop sales plans, recruit highly qualified sales professionals to meet our clients' revenue goals.

Direct and indirect (channel) sales programs are designed and implemented by our regional representatives. Sales support and management, and other activities stipulated in such programs, are also handled by the regional sales offices of USINTECH and are coordinated by the head of a sales department of the global partner, in close cooperation with the program manager of USINTECH.

Our sales team also builds a network of partner sales and a paradigm of references for market reach. Operating on behalf of our global partner, USINTECH's Remote Sales Office® organizes indirect sales channel partnerships with leading North American VARs, system and business integrators, software resellers, independent software vendors.

Sales Management

USINTECH offers a range of sales outsourcing services that create repeatable and sustainable business processes designed to produce immediate results. Our programs and services are designed by sales professionals with executive-level experience.

Reliable and transparent channel and direct partnerships guarantee USINTECH's clients high quality, cost effective services. Our proven sales strategy and a tactical level sales plan allow them to meet the demands of today's market.

Lead Generation and Management

We provide effective implementation of the proven lead generation program and striking into our executive contact database. Our focus is on creating a sales strategy based on your expertise in software development that will differentiate your offering in the marketplace, increasing awareness and bringing more qualified leads. Our inside sales organization will develop:

  • Internal sales processes
  • Lead generation initiatives
  • Sales optimization/ sales management
  • Approaching the client
  • Pre-sales consultancy
  • Requirements planning
  • Technical questions answered
  • Pricing and billing information
  • Sales Opportunity pipeline Management
  • Campaign management
  • Account management
  • Inactive account revitalization
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Manage and motivate channels
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