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Our featured service Remote Sales Office® enables clients involved in software development business to more effectively perform sales activities in U.S. and Canada. Remote Sales Office® helps to excel in providing customers with prompt and reliable information and service representation via a 24/7 sales-support line.

Only a limited number of Eurasian technology companies that possess unique expertise, skills and qualification have benefited from an opportunity to perform effective sales in North America. While some of the companies have on-site representation, in most cases employs only a handful of sales consultants.

In close collaboration with our global partners, we establish the unique list of contacts, which becomes the property of a partner after one year of partnership with USINTECH. Any pre-sales and account management activities that are carried out by USINTECH employees are conducted with a direct participation of our global partners. Acting as the global partner's front-office in North America, our Remote Sales Office® not only maintains client relationships, but also "closes" the deal and prepares all necessary documentation (including PoC, general contract, SOW, etc.).

With our Remote Sales Office®, you can reduce administrative effort and time inherent in sales cycle. Remote Sales Office® is a cost effective way to promote your business offerings, to test markets and new marketing approaches at a low cost.

Remote Sales Office® helps to:

* Control operating cost

* Improve company focus

* Access capabilities of North American IT market

* Free up internal resources for other purposes

* Establish credibility with C-Level buyers

Since we are positioning and selling your exclusive services through complex channels, the Remote Sales Office® is primarily focused on the support and management of partner sales and promotion of the global partner's services. USINTECH staff assists with the promotion of the partner's brand, consolidation of its positions in the North American market, assisting partners in the organization and participation in symposiums, seminars, expositions, tradeshows, user groups, etc. The Remote Sales Office® is not only a link between North American customers and service companies in Eurasia, it is a promoter of the partner's marketing programs.

Remote Sales Office® is a targeted form of advertising on the USINTECH.com website. As a Remote Sales Office® participant, links to your marketing materials will appear next to the most relevant content on www.usintech.com.

Why participate in Remote Sales Office®?

There's no work involved on your end. We pull content from your website and display it alongside USINTECH.com business profiles as related links. You review and approve the materials. Additions and changes can be made at any time - simply e-mail any new content to us.

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You can't fully appreciate Remote Sales Office® until you've seen it in action. For a brief demonstration of this exciting new product, contact your regional sales director or sales and marketing manager Alex Cooper at alex.cooper@usintech.com.

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