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U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., is a leading global provider of sales technologies that help customers optimize their business processes and rapidly introduce service offerings to the North American clients. We created a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of software development services to North American companies that are continuously providing a steady demand for software development and support.

U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., offers a unique opportunity to position your company in the lucrative North American IT and BPO markets. While establishing a U.S. presence can be expensive, we offer a two-tiered Partner Program that provides effective outsourced sales within the Continental USA and Canada in the field of offshore development, testing and prototyping of software platforms, solutions and products.

USINTECH has formed strong partnerships with over 400 technology companies worldwide. Our collaborative relationships combine best of breed services to deliver complete sales management solutions. Get in the action by joining forces with USINTECH, a dominant industry player.

Where to start?

The USINTECH Partner Network categories listed below are defined based on benefits provided to customers. Each individual program is also defined by the level of investment by Partner in the business relationship. Review the partner category descriptions below to determine which partner program best suits your interests. Alternatively, you can request additional information by emailing us at: partners@usintech.com

Choose a Partner Category

Exclusive Global Partner This status offers the opportunity to obtain complete sales solutions and grow your business profitably with a full portfolio of U.S.INTECH services. It also helps develop additional sales and consulting opportunities through USINTECH’s up-sale and cross-sale solutions.

Technology Global Partner This Partner Program is designed to enable service-focused companies the chance to acquire profitable pre-sales consulting and post-sales implementation services, get your staff up to speed quickly and easily with comprehensive sales, gain access to the market, as well as sales support and access to the customer resources.

By accepting the conditions of the partner agreement, all of USINTECH's service offices begin well-coordinated implementation of the selling programs aimed to promote our new partner's business offerings; all offices start selling the partners' services and form a client base.

The essence of the two-tier partnership program is rendering assistance in identification, prequalification, contact and the closure of the deals with North American clients.

Our business model is based on the formation of the pool of Eurasian and Pacific Rim technology companies interested in the optimization of their direct and indirect sales channels in U.S. and Canada. In order to benefit from USINTECH's proven ability to establish such channels, all companies that express interest in entering the U.S. and Canadian markets are assigned a Global Technological Partner status, while some of them will have an opportunity to become our Exclusive Technology Partners.

The difference in statuses reflects a spectrum of services and the approach to realization of partnership programs provided by USINTECH: if for the Global Technology Partners (GTP) the retainer for promotion of the partner's offer is not stipulated, our Exclusive Global Partners (EGP) pay the retainer fee for the services of Remote Sales Office®.

By obtaining a status of the Exclusive Technology Partner, USINTECH global partners have an opportunity to establish their own sales networks in North America without significant capital investments, while Remote Sales Office(tm) guarantees the most efficient control over agents' sales performances in the U.S. and Canada.

Advantages of possession of the Exclusive Global Partner status are:

  • Prioritized offering to the potential customer in the U.S. and Canada
  • Sales executives are exclusively trained, and managed - separately for each client.
  • Each sales agent only represents one client (while collaboration with GTPs is conducted on the principles of sourcing - when the expertise demanded by the North American client is not identified amongst EGPs or USINTECH has no Exclusive Global Partner in the given region (first of all, search is conducted among EGPs), the SWDO provider is selected among Global Technological Partner).

The status of the Global Technology Partner assumes cooperation under the scheme when the technological partner is presented on USINTECH's corporate website, its products and services receive due reflection in our printed materials, while sales and marketing experts of USINTECH offer products and services of the Global Technology Partner in the event that assessment, the geographical factor or other circumstances interfere with formation of contract relations between the North American customer and the Exclusive Global Partner.

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