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Moscow, Russia, August 27 - U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., the outsourced sales provider for businesses involved in offshore software development, telecommunications and other technology driven industries, and Sibintek L.L.C, the Russia's leading IT outsourcer, today announced a multi-year partner agreement.

As part of the deal, in addition to establishing both direct and indirect sales channels for Sibintek, U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., will provide Remote Sales Office services that reduce administrative effort and time inherent in sales cycle, rendering expanded exposure to sales services in North America would not otherwise be possible for Sibintek.


USINTECH's sales offices in major cities of Continental U.S. and Canada will offer the Sibintek's (Сибинтек) comprehensive IT services to those of the multinational corporations that have already established operations bases in Russia or just planning to enter the Russian market. This includes oil & gas, banking, telecom and IT leaders in the U.S.

With the signed deal, Sibintek seems to be not only repositioning itself away from a market niche and into the greater IT productivity and optimization market, it also seems to be sending a strong message to the market and to potential customers. Sibintek has used its considerable marketing muscle to move the IT and Outsourcing services on a global basis leveraging the channels USINTECH developed to move their customer's offerings.

"This deal is a direct result of the previous, successful, collaboration between our two companies. Strategic partnerships and sales deals we're anticipating to engineer in the next few months with USINTECH's help will be very important for us as we feel that the unique expertise in diverse industries that Sibintek forged during its lifespan of over 7 years should be expanded in new geographies, new verticals," said Sibintek President, Sergey Shashurin. "We're thrilled to partner with them and for the opportunity to put sales processes in place," concluded Mr. Shashurin.

"In addition to the expanded sales market, new agreement with Sibintek is a new challenge for our sales team as we are attempting to implement very specific partner support programs that need to be put into place to ensure cultivation of new sales channels. Establishing and reinforcing a strong and positive market presence is essential for our Russian partner. Thus, the success of the venture is dependent on our ability to form relationships with partners, distributors, identify industries and specify corporations that demand Sibintek services and solutions. We are committed to continuously improving customer interactions by expanding industry insight, our client's product offerings and their R&D depth and achievement, as we understand this is vital to our customer's success." said Vlad Dubovoy, Vice President, EMEA, USINTECH.

USINTECH is also announcing the pending sales support to some of the subsidiaries of Sibintek that begins later this summer.

About Sibintek

Sibintek was founded in 1999 and has become one of the acknowledged leaders in the Russian IT and outsourcing market. Sibintek is focused on providing state-of-the-art information technology solutions for enterprise customers. The Company's offerings provide customers with a full range of services, allowing chief executives to implement competitive business strategies, develop effective operational models and improve management via information systems.

According to an independent study by RA "Expert" Sibintek is currently listed in the top three Russian consulting and IT companies that manage and supply industry automation systems for enterprise customers. In a 2003 Expert Agency survey, Sibintek was ranked second among system integrators and as fifth among IT services companies. A "Consulting Map" rating places Sibintek among the top 3 strategic and management consulting providers for the oil and gas industry, chemical industry and construction and trade companies.

About U.S.Information Technologies, Inc.

U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., is a leading global provider of sales technologies that help customers optimize their sales processes and rapidly introduce service offerings to the North American clients. USINTECH has formed strong partnerships with over 500 technology companies worldwide. A sales outsourcing company with operation bases in the United States and Canada, USINTECH created a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of software development services to North American companies that are continuously providing a steady demand for software development and support, testing and prototyping equipment and software solutions.

Company delivers meaningful growth, implementing both direct sales and channel partnerships, assisting its global partners in entering the next phase of market presence. With a minimal initial investment in sales support infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada, USINTECH’s global partners can quickly and cost-effectively focus on offering their services to the North American market.

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