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Baroda, India -- U.S. Information Technologies, Inc. (USINTECH), the global leading outsourced sales provider for businesses involved in offshore software development, today announced that it has formed a long-term partnership with Jagtap Infotech PVT. LTD., ISO 9001:2000 certified outsourcing service provider, one of the proven leaders of the Indian IT market in the sphere of e-Commerce and Web application development.

USINTECH will assist Jagtap Infotech PVT. LTD. to unlock the potential of the North American IT market and to further innovate across industries and geographies. Jagtap Infotech, the leader in developing, deploying and managing Internet infrastructure solutions, is looking to accelerate the shift to new markets by providing innovative, powerful services available to corporate customers that seek to lower development and deployment costs.

U.S. Information Technologies and Jagtap Infotech Announce Partnership

“JIPL management chose USINTECH because their approach aligns to our vision of delivering sales and marketing opportunities value by making sales management processes more effective and efficient, reducing cost barriers for market penetration and brand promotion. By joining forces with USINTECH, we expect to be able to provide our US corporate clients and end users the offering of a global services network staffed by technology experts, and a wide variety of choices that allow to take full advantage of the momentum of the certified web development services,” said Yogesh Jagtap, CEO of JIPL.

USINTECH will be providing Jagtap Infotech a centralized place to more easily and seamlessly conduct business in North America. Through five US and Canada offices Indian partner will have access to North American IT markets, managed from one single location. It will enable partners to easily access new business opportunities, renew existing customers and fully leverage the benefits North American market has to offer. With this new partnership JIPL will be given further opportunities to increase revenue and profits, align technologies with existing demands of the North American market in order to meet customers' needs and enjoy a simplified partner experience.

Vlad Dubovoy, Executive Vice President and COO at U.S. Information Technologies said of the relationship, "We are extremely pleased to be working with such a talented group of software engineers and business architects. In addition to being on the leading edge of web development, JIPL has shown a sustainable year-over-year growth in revenue and in services portfolio, which will allow JIPL’s US customers to have an uncompromised web and e-Commerce experience.”

USINTECH provides established channels and US sales capability trusted by hundreds of partners worldwide, while Jagtap Infotech provides pricing, product and support that enable to tailor web solutions to meet customers' individual needs.

The outsourced development model offered by JIPL creates quality approach, while providing a flexible and low cost model for customers. This partnership is expected to broaden the entire market opportunity for existing and new services of Jagtap Infotech.


JIPL is a cutting-edge technology company focusing on providing IT solutions to customers in India and abroad. Company possesses extensive expertise in customized software development and web application development, and provides innovative, scalable and affordable solutions. Jagtap Infotech creates and delivers industry-leading technologies that enable customers to build, deploy, manage, and integrate powerful solutions.

Jagtap Infotech employs a technically skilled workforce of professionals who have the capabilities of creating a sizeable place in the global IT industry. Being a customer-oriented company, JIPL is driven by customer satisfaction, thus ensuring the needs of customers are always fulfilled. A range of individual talent comes together at JIPL to provide customers with the best of solutions that exceed expectations.


USINTECH is a North American Corporation that provides global partners with direct access to the U.S. software development and IT outsourcing markets and helps them gain geographic reach. USINTECH introduces its partners' exclusive services to the market and helps them to expand into new regions, thus accelerating revenue. A sales outsourcing company with operation bases in the United States and Canada, U.S. Information Technologies, Inc., optimizes and manages the sales processes and rapidly introduces the service offerings of its global partners to the North American customers.

USINTECH provides scalable Intelligent Sales™ services to external service providers targeting the North American software and IT outsourcing markets, striving to help global partners benefit from opportunities the U.S. and Canadian offshore software development markets have to offer.

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